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The town Yasny is situated in South Ural, in 480 km from Orenburg to south-east. The nearest railway station to the town is named Gorny Lyon (mountain flax). According to statistic data from 2008 in the town there are 16 663 habitants.

The town is young, it is less than 50 years. It was foundered in famous 1961 - the year of the first maiden mission of man to space. Approximately at the same time geologists have paid attention to the Kiembaevsky deposit of asbestos. The building of mountain-concentrating industrial complex "Orenburgasbest" was begun. People needed a new habitation, and Yasny had appeared. To such beautiful and harmonious name the town is obliged to the order of the government which said: it is necessary for new settlements to give names with "positive" value. In 1962 Yasny became a urban-type settlement, but statusof the town was assigned in 1979.

In the end of 1973 the Ministry of building of the enterprises of the heavy industry of the USSR has formed in Yasny the large trust "Kiembayevasbeststroy". Next year the trust has been completed by necessary mechanisms, technics, transport. More than 2000 workers arrived to the township. In the end of 1977 the railway was laid in open-cast mine, and autodump-body trucks have given way to echelons of hundred-ton cargo dump-cars. For maintenance of an open-cast mine with the electric power the powerful traction substation has been constructed

Today the basic enterprise of a city is Open Society "Orenburg minerals", extracting hrysotile-asbestos and rubble. Here the factory of ferro-concrete products, dairy and a bakery work. Nearby to a city there is a military range "Yasny", used nowadays as the cosmodrome for start of space vehicles under the program "Dnepr".

In Yasny district there are unique national monument. The lake Kamennoye is remarkable that coast of a lake hollow are combined from granite breeds.