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Nicolay Mikhailovich Avvakumov


The famous soviet black and white artist Nicolay Mikhailovich Avvakumov was born on August 24 (September 6 of N.S.), 1908 in Asbest, the town of Perm guberniya. In the years of World War II he passed over the front-line roads with the Third attack army with the pencil in his hand and was an artist-correspondent of the newspaper "Frontovik” ("front-line soldier” in Russian); he created many newspaper’s pictures, portraits, leaflets, representing events and people, whose feats of arms were placed on records. He created portraits of the most famous people of that time: Lenin, Gorky, Sverdlov, Kirov, Stalin and others. In all his born days he created more than 5 thousands of pictures, posters, drawings. Many his works are kept in Tretyakov Gallery, Russian Museum, and State Museum of Fine Arts named after Pushkin and other famous museums in Russia. Furthermore in memoriam of outstanding artist Ministry of Culture of Sverdlovsk region and Department of Culture of Asbest urban district once a two years organize an Open regional drawing competition named after Avvakumov. N.M. Avvakumov died on December 8, 1945 in Moscow.

 The extract from book "Honouring the feat", Levin Y.A.:

Avvakumov was the member of editorial staff. “Frontovik" is the daily newspaper. So, artist worked on every issue. But the work was very difficult because we had no zincography at that time. We prepared cliché out of linoleum. Nicolay Avvakumov did so. He drew and cut out. Firstly he drew on the drawing paper, then copied the picture to the linoleum and only then created the linocut by required instrument. Then he fastened the linocut in the wood block, accurately made into pages and built up in printing machine himself. Avvakumov worked in such a way. He was not only the artist, also he was an experienced printer. <...> Portrait is the favourite Avvakumov’s hobby. He was ready to draw the war heroes without any respite. He worked in any conditions – in dugout, on clearing in the woods, in trench, on command post, in medical battalion. During the actions for Velikie Luki artist was along with troops, when the front was changed to Pustoshka Avvakumov followed up to attacks, when Idritsa was taken – the artist was in the streets of burning town. Avvakumov was hardened to fatigue. Whoever could say that this strong, loving life and people man will die after the year, at the age of 37,from heavy complaint. He died in 1945. May be was it the echo of War? Probably. But the year before the tragedy he, as if apprehensively, worked without sleep and rest. Avvakumov hurried. He feared of missing something, tried to be there, where he was needed. He was like a scout, ha always searched". Overachiever is the term which is best characteristic of Avvakumov.