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Vadim and Gleb Samoylovs: "We don`t want to pass into yesterdays` heroes."

Legend rock-group "Agatha Chrysty" finished its activity. Year ago the cast of the group was changed, new musicians were invited for recording an album "Epilogue" and going countrywide with farewell tour. On the eve of today`s 45 Birthday of Vadim Samoylov we met with boys.


"Agatha Christy" is Russian rock-group which became famous in the middle 90s. Founders of the group are brothers Gleb and Vadim Samoylovs. Fourfold laureate of National musical premium "Ovation"

1991 - the group became a winner at Gran Prix of the Festival of young European group Open du Rock in France 1997 - "Agatha Christy" became a laureate musical premium World Music Awards in Monte-Carlo as the most "successfully marketed Russian group" 1999 - album "Miracle" was obtained as the best Russian gothic album in Italy

The farewell tour will last for year.

- Don`t you fear that the most impressive your fans when hear about your farewell tour will jump from roof? I remember that in 2006 in Blagoveschensk two girls jumped from 12th floor because of love to rock-music

Vadim: In order to prevent any extraordinary acts we began to say about stopping our career the year before. And it is a truism to attribute all problem teen-agers to our fans.

- Will the farewell tour last before the next summer?

Gleb: - Yes, on November 17 and 21 we will perform in Moscow and Petersburg and then will go the countrywide and to other countries.

- Do you plan to visit your native town Asbest"

Gleb: - It would be good But it isn`t profitable. Asbest youth go to rock-concerts to Yekaterinburg. In fact it was only three concerts in Asbest over 20 years.

- How long you have endured! Do your proud?

Vadim: - It is casually. "The Beatles" was existing about 10 years and "Rolling Stones" - near to 50 years. We began our activity at the end of 80s, in the middle of the 90s it was the boom after that it was begun the period of silence. In the beginning of the 2000s we gathered ourselves up and confirmed our status of legend group.

With Surkov we recorded the album.

- Ok. Your tour is finished. And what then?

Gleb: - We composed a music for the performance "Quartet I" and film "Sisters". And Vadim composed for Balabanov: his music goes in the film "It doesn`t hurt". We`ll do all interesting for us. Our way is music, but as Makharevich said, we don`t want to pass into yesterdays` heroes.

- Vadim you are the member of the Public Chamber. It is politics already

Vadim: - It isn`t politics, it is public activity.

- Are you introduce with the First Deputy of the Chief of President`s Administration Vladislav Surkov? They say that you worked on the album together, Surkov was the author of texts. "So, see you in paradise/ Where ice flowers grow,/ I will be like you, you`ll be like him" we`ll be like everybody"

Vadim: - Surkov didn`t cooperate with our group, but I had got joint project with him in 2006: we recorded songs for album "Peninsulas". On my opinion he is extraordinary poet. The poems you remembered are from there.

- Your children Gleb and Yana - what music do they like?

Vadim: - "Agatha Christy" is not included in my daughter`s interest area. Yana is 18 and this year she entered the University.

Gleb: - My son, Gleb, is 12, he lives with his mother in Yekaterinburg and listens only to our group because in it his father and uncle sings. He learns to play the harmonica, he has got a delicate ear for music.

About drugs

- - Now I will ask you carefully - how often did you compose a music in.altered state of consciousness?

Gleb: - If you`re saying about drugs speak the truth. I don`t remember any song, composed in "heygh". May be whoever can combine music and drugs, but I can`t. After all a song is primarly a work. And work is possibly only with cool head.

- It is now. And before?

Vadim: - In the middle 90s not only in capital toss there were not any person who anyhow touch with drugs. It was logical boom of the pioneerdom. This story begins and finished individually in every case. Someone is swamped by this wave, someone as we emerges and continues to live. We were associated with drugs only because we unlike most of others didn`t conceal it because of our "stupidity".

- I remember what you said: we`ll stop performing when will approach to enlightenment. Is it means that you`ve already approached it? And what it means?

Vadim: - Enlightenment is the evolution of man`s consciousness, who has got abilities to dream, choose, study and realizes that every his day and breathing-in are unique. But we haven`t approach to this enlightenment yet. But we have made everything what we wanted in this group. Further it may be worse.

(from article in "Komsomolskaya Pravda" ("Komsomol fair")).