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Yashnikovs` dynasty

Family grows - house is filled by happiness!

The life is very difficult thing, it learn us how to live, what is necessary to learn and how to find the daily bread. Many difficulties the father of P.I. Yashnikov , deputy director of Mining Administration on social issues Ivan Petrovich Yashnikov went through but he never lost courage. He worked and learned, was the teacher of initial school, learned pupils, among whom was his own son Peter, to keep the world an nature.

Peter Ivanovich Yashnikov remembered his father`s words forever. "Keep an environment and nature, build all you need because the God created this world and builders equipped it". He remembered it... and became a builder. After finishing the technical school he worked n Orenburg, in cutting administration of warm isolation as a master. In 1977 P.I. Yashnikov was directed to the business trip to Yasny for year. And it is possible o say that this business g trip is continuing by now.

Heating trace from the boiler house to the town and all around the town became the business of young foreman and his workers. Trace was encased for warmth-keeping capitally. All this was made at the boiler house and at the factory. And when the business trip ended, the work had to be continued. So, the administration of Building Administration decided to leave P.I Yashnikov in Yasny up to end of works. And work ended only in 1985! By that time Yashnikov already had got wife Natalya and apartments.

Peter Ivanovich remembers the first meeting:

- I went to housing administration to P.A. Kapustin for "asking" an apartment for one young family from our collective and met wonderful girl, master of housing administration, alumnus of Novotroitsk building technical school. Met…. and without long-time thinking made an offer of marriage. And we live with Natalya Ivanovna 30 years at peace and constant. During this period we learned new specialization at the combine.

P.I. Yashnikov worked at repair and engineering works, at locomotive facility, repaired diagraphs for electric locomotive. Then he worked as a master on repair of locomotive in facility. He learned himself and learned the other mechanics who saw locomotives only extrinsically. So, he found the good repair base at this section.

Fir good work he was encourages once and again. Now he is the deputy director of Mining Administration on social issues.

Jashnikovs have grown up two sons, they are already adult and quite independent, also work at "Orenburg minerals". The elder son, Roman, is a carpenter-concreter, graduated from Sverdlovsk juridical academy in-service training. Junior son, Sergey, finished Orenburg autotransport technical school and works as maintenance fitter on repair of mining machinery.

On May 10, the day after the Victory Day, Yasnikovs got a big present - grandson Ivan, Ivan Sergeevich, the bearer of the family name Yashnikov. Also they have got to granddaughters - Elena and Elizabeth.

They have got everything. children and grandchildren, good work and house, well-being. May be little Ivan will continue the dynasty of builders and workers of "Orenburg Minerals.

Pavel Kulagin