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Shelepov`s dinasty

The business for life

Most of all the men chooses only one occupation for life. It becomes his primary occupation, feeds and even identifies his position in society. Sometimes one occupation us too little for man and he dream to get the other, which will add the first, will inure to benefit for business and thrill the soul.

The common respect comes to a man as a professional when he makes his work better than others, when his success becomes an example for all collective.

Anatoly Alexandrovich Shelepov didn`t have time for choosing the favourite business 0 he was called in distant Tajikistan. But in army he was learned not only to work with military weaponry, but also there were places for collecting and repairing. So, A.A. Shelepov got a perfectly peaceful occupation - gas welder. He worked in the same workshops as turners, and young soldier faithfully looked at their work. And two these occupations became his business for life.

From the army in 1974 he came to Yasny for building Kiyembayev mining-and-processing integrated works. The first his workplace was the building authority No. 3. At that time there was the period of fitter`s work, and good welders were valued. Here, at the building area he met his future wife. Lyudmila Batarshaevna became for him a right partner and gave birth to son Eduard and daughter Tatyana. Firstly the young family got the room in a hostel but then they as two builders got a good flat.

Anatoly Alexandrovich built many objects, and when the fitter`s work began he passed to the sector of "Uralmontazhavtomatika", took part in installation work instrumentation and controls. Factory, mine, boiler-house, treating pond - everywhere, where automation was needed, A.A. Shelepov worked.

In 1982, as experienced specialist, he passed into instrumentation and controls sector, where he works at present as turner, as well as welder and mechanic in a part of working team. As the chief of Laboratory of instrumentation and controls S.A. Baskakov said such specialists, as Anatoly Alexandrovich, are worth its weight in gold, he can turn his hand to anything. There are not any detail which he can`t grind out on machine, and welded seam is feasted eyes. Shelepov does mechanical works on senior grade.

Such specialists are irreplaceable, and I don`t want to let him go to retirement. Let him work and learn young workers while he has got strength, soundness and wish. Anatoly Alexandrovich does so - works, does his business with total efficiency and skill.His children work at the combine too: The son Eduard - in repairing building center, Tatyana - at the factory. So, four Shelepovs are the members of collective of "Orenburg Miberals". And two grandsons are growing! They go to the fishing with their grandfather and grandmother, but soon, probably, they will enter the labor family of the combine. The way, laying by grandparents and parents, is adjusted and firm, and it needn`t to turn from it, especially if it was laid by such famous master as Anatoly Alexandrovich Shelepov.

Pavel Kulagin.