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Matveevs` dynasty

And in profession they are hew to traditions

From all regions of Soviet Union young people and communists came to building place of Kiembayev mining-and-processing integrated works. So, in 1976, after army petty officer I class of Pacific Fleet Victor Matveev came to Yasny. Here, at the mine, in railway shop the labor life of Matveevs had begun and continues.

It will be observed that dynasty of railway workers and miners Matveevs goes back to far 1940 to Orenburg railway, and now it continues at the combine "Orenburg Minerals" by sons and grandsons of Nikolay Vladimirovich and Valentina Timofeevna - driver of excavator of Buribayev mine group and chief depot Sarah of Orsk division of the railway. The decades passed away, but allegiance to favorite work continues from generation to generation.

After getting a profession of a driver of locomotive at the asbestos mining-and-processing integrated works Victor Matveev was one of the first who began to chief this powerful engineering at the mine. He was very active and exacting, successfully worked an learn in parallel. Soon he got a new occupations: machinist-instructor, branch work manager movement, deputy shop superintendent on commercial work Transport and sending of asbestos was the work of his collective. He did all the work skillfully and with heavy responsibility for executed work.

For self-sacrificing work, as it was written in commendation list, in 1986 Matveev was awarded the order of labor glory III degree And now he haven`t left the railway, although he had got the other proposals. Certainly, all family was glad to get this order: Wife Lyubov Fedorovna, bookkeeper of trade committee, and son Kolya and little Yulya wo was only 1 year, pulled her hands to father`s bosom, where there was the order of labor glory.

It is a pleasure to have a favorite work and get well-worn honours and it is more pleasure to have a firm family. Child-rearing practices is a very important and large work, and Lyubov Fedorovna and Victor Nikolayevich bring up son Nikolay and daughter Yulia in aura allegiance to charge work and family traditions.

After graduating from the Orenburg state university Nikolay came back to Yasny and began to work at the railway. Now he works as a deputy machinist on locomotive and electric locomotive. He likes tractional H-aggregates PE - 2M and its right fender - place of machinist, is not far off.

Yulia is honest to traditions too - she works as a gager of load at railway chop, where her father has been leading from 2003.

Most recently V.N. Matveev came back from Moscow, where he passed the merit rating at the Center of rating commission, and was appointed as a Director of Training center of the combine. It is necessary to study new specialists for the enterprise.

In a free time Victor Nikolayevich with his wife and children work at the garden, go to fishing party and gipsy.

We may to say about Matveev only one thing: it is an excellent family, which venerate traditions and aspire to the future - new and inimitable…