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Mararovs` dynasty

The heavy, but honorary miner`s work

It is not necessary to introduce the main miner of mine administration of "Orenburg minerals", he is very famous person! Almost thirty years he is in the limelight of collective. He is known at the industrial complex and in the town. And he has really deserved it.

After graduating from the Orsk industrial technical school Alexander Mararov was directed to Uzbekistan to Almalyk mining and concentration complex as a master according to his diploma. He liked this work, and worked conscientiously, with soul. He also did that work, which wasn`t included in his duties. He wanted to know and to be able to do more, wanted to learn the manufacture to the last detail. And soon he was appointed as a senior master.

But besides the work he had got different businesses and hobbies. In neighbour chemical - technological shop girls worked. Among them an alumna of Volhov chemical - technological technical school Anya, Anna Vasilyevna, worked. And she became the only one and loving wife of Alexander Fedorovich.

How it was good in solar Uzbekistan, and home, to native Orsk, he was pulled uncontrollably. There were all what he loved, there his parents lived. Gathering were short, and the family of Mararovs with sons Vitaly and Dmitry returned to a native land, to be exact in Yasny, on Kiembaev mining and concentration complex. It was happened in 1979.

Anna Vasilevna became a manager of laboratory at the water-purifying station entering the system of industrial complex, and Alexander Fedorovich has sat down for dredge levers. He worked as a master.

Here that railwaymen - machinists of diesel locomotives recollected about those years. The machinist of a dredge A.F.Mararov loaded their revolving objects:

From how regular and without an overload the railway dumpcars were loaded, it were depended traffic safety of trains, prevention of descents of a rolling stock. All this happened very often at that time. The machinist of a dredge A.F.Mararov loaded the dumpcars accurately and qualitatively and trains went without failures. He had got special feel and skill!

He combined the work with the studying at the University. He wanted to know more and got it. Competent experts are necessary always and the growing manufacture needs them as the breath of life. Alexander Fedorovich was appointed as a senior master and the chief of the dump. In 1991 he became a chief engineer of the mine.

He began to manage by the large and difficult manufacture. He had got many duties. There were new powerful digger and tractional aggregates at the railway. It was the period of reconstruction and formation of the mine. He did all the work successfully. So he got the order of "Labor glory" and in 1995 received the title of "Honorary Russian builder". He got orders for his work. Not everyone has such, and not everyone is capable to reach such heights.

The miner`s work is hard but respectable. And when the sons went on father`s footsteps nobody were against. Son Vitaly works now as the machinist of an EKG № 20 in a face, on loading "BelAz", has ended in absentia institute. Dmitry is the assistant of machinist at EKG No. 12 while he has got the document of a machinist. His whole life is before him! Son-in-law Grigory Petrovich Novikov is the machinist on EKG № 16 too. And as women are not taken on a dredge, therefore daughter Olga works as a gager of a cargo in railway shop and finishes the Samara railway academy. So, all members of the family are miners, workes of the industrial complex.

Mine manufacture doesn`t stay at the dame place, radical reorganisation of the open-cast mine will be soon , therefore realisation of this program needs a new post - the main miner. And it was offered to person who has got the experience of work in mine manufacture, to Mararov Alexander Fedorovich, who has been working only as a chief engineer about 15 years.

Manufacture and planning of mountain works is entrusted to the competent and deserved miner. And it should be so!

P. Kulagin