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Koflers` dynasty.

En famille at the factory floor

A small town with only one large enterprise. Where young man may to go for working if he only finished a school and served in the army? And what about young girl who couldn`t enter the University and her parents hasn`t got money for paying? They nay go to service region but there are too little of work positions and the salary is not large. So, may be it would be better to look at the parents` occupations in other manner because it imply stability, confidence in the future, possibility of career development. We name such work as "bird in hand". Sometimes it is useful to live by one day as our parents, grandparents and great grandparents lived.

Labor dynasties form in different ways, and by different ways children go to the ways, laid by their parents. Some of them simply work at chosen occupation, the other dream about the greater, but all of them praise their work and their occupation. Our town is small, but for a few decades there were formed some labor dynasties. The family, about which I would like to say, is one of them

More than 20 years Alexander Nikodimovich Kofler works at the factory. He was born in small village Kotansu. As other soviet boy after graduating from the school he went to serve in the army and then came back home and began to work as a driver. In summer in 1984 Natalya Ivanovna Streletskaya went to Kotansu for reaping. After graduating from the Kuybyshev technical school of communications she went to Orenburg to communication center, from where she was directed to the village for summer working. Usually workers and students worked at the fields of small state farms and collective farms near the city. But there were exceptions! The case with Natalya Ivanovna was fateful for her: After a while she moved to Alexander Nikodimovich forever. Love called her here, to wide prairies, and native Navoy in Uzbekistan and Orenburg rested far from her.

Natalya Ivanovna and Alexander Nikodimovich lived in Yasny. The entered to work to the combine: she - as a fitter at automated control system and control instrumentation sector, he - as a loader in shop floor of end product. In 1985 the new family of Kofler was born, and after a year they celebrated the birth of sin Victor, and after a year - the birth of daughter Irina. Children brought to young parent not only joy and happiness but also many worries. Natalya Ivanovna needed to forget about work for a long time and occupied only by children. Furthermore full soon the period of "bold 90s" began. The combine worked with stoppages, it was difficult but all difficulties solidate strong in spirit.

Soon Natalya Ivanovna began to work. Firstly she was a fitter at automated control system and control instrumentation sector, and then she worked as operator at 26th mark in automated control system and control instrumentation sector. More than 7 years she finished the refresher courses in Yekaterinburg and became a metrologist in service of technical control. Check and calibration of meter and instruments of high and low pressure requires scrupulousness, precision and exactitude, and the haste here is unacceptable. Natalya Ivanovna has got all these characters and she likes her work.

Koflers survived in very difficult for the country period, children became adult. The years had fled, the final bells had rang firstly for Victor and then for Irina. The boy was waited by service in army, and the girl was going to learn further.

Already in school Irina liked mathematics, so she chose the specialty concerned with financial field. After graduating from the Orsk college of economics and justice with diploma with honours, entered the extension department of Orenburg state agrarian university. But she needed money and began to sick for a work. After 6 months she was offered to work as a operator of computer in power building, after 6 months she was passed to work as a operator at the factory and soon she was offered to work as technician on labour at the office of organization and salaries. This occupation is very interesting itself, and it is connected with future Irina`s specialty.

Work quota setting, preparation of motion study at the production are very needed and very interesting. Operating speed and movement engineering, time for loading or unloading of carriage, the time for giving under car loading - all that Irina Alexandrovna marks with stop watch in hands. From her work many things depend, because in future the quantity of loading equipment, quantity of man hours will depend from it, and down time and rush job at the production are the foozle in her work! May be somebody thinks that this work is not interesting and very monotonous, but if you`ll tale into account how many time smoke breaks, waiting for technique and transport tale it becomes apparent why we can`t organize our working time this long.

Victor Kofler, after finishing 9 classes at the school entered the PL-43 and got the specialty of assistant driver of tractional aggregate and went to army. After serving in Krasnodar region, near Anapa during 2 years he came back to Yasny. He liked railway already in childhood, so he didn`t want to change his dream. Now he works as a assistant driver of 301st locomotive, gets an experience and learn in Orenburg technical school of railway transport.

But not only Victor and Irina decided to learn. Their father, Alexander Nikodimovich, 45 years old, after having worked as a loader in shopfloor of end product for 20 years, decided to change the occupation and finished the Training center, so he works as driver of digger Hitachi at dosing skid.

But Kofklers don`t forget about their hobbies. Natalya Ivanovna likes to reading a classical literature, crochet and sewing, Alexander and his son Victor like haunting on hares and ducks, Irina likes reading. This is an ordinary family. But what strong family ties, how members of the family aspire to respect and understand each other. Only sincere and mutual love, understanding and respect are the basis of wellbeing of every family, friendly, labour and naturally happy!

Janna Vinogradova