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Ilyasovs` dynasty

To the work at chop of end product all the family!

Often it happens so that in Russia people accustom to a constant residence, to the business, once and for all, and this attachment is passed from generation to generation. A family of Bukenby Urazbayevich and Luisa Bahkireevna Ilyasovs is not an exception, almost all members work at the chop of end productof Open Society "Orenburg minerals".

In September Bukenby Urazbayevich was 45 years old - the age of adulthood. Already for 20 years he has been working at the industrial complex at the chop of end products. And in future he is waited by whole life and work, filled by joy, care and worries. There were many different changes in his life, but one thing is constant: his profession as a driver of autoloader and the work place - the chop of end products. And all his family works nearby him.

He began to create his life way early, at once after serving in the army in Far East. In radio engineering armies has learnt much, and the main thing - to understand technics and validly it to concern. So, he concerns the auto-loader with love, as the live.

He always liked technics. He was born at the village and lived there before the army, so he didn`t fear the work at the industrial complex.

He began to work at the station Gorny Lyen (Mountain flax) as the composer of trains, here (in technical office) his wife Louisa Bahkireevna worked as a gager of cargo and luggage. But once in 1988 they together have passed to work at industrial complex. She worked as a gager in the chop of end products, and he worked at first in railway shop as a composer of trains, and a year later passed in chop of end products, having ended before it on the job courses of drivers of an auto-loader.

In 1989 Bukenby Urazbekovich became a driver and foreman of brigade of drivers. In his division there are 8 modern foreign cars. He works on head, and in the brigade there is a full order, so he is respected in the collective and has got encouragements, prizes, board of honor.

Sometimes at the board of honor there were photos of both spouses. And every day of life there are together - at work, at rest. And their children are wonderful.

The elder son Timur after graduating from the Professional college 43 works with his father as a driver. And as he is the student of IV course of Orenburg state technical university, and very talented and industrious, the career way is open for him.

And the younger son, after college having received on the job also the rights of the assistant to the machinist of a diesel locomotive, and also the driver of a loader, has had time to work only on an industrial practice in the chop of end products. Now he serves in St. Petersburg, but as he writes in his letters, he plan to come back to native industrial complex and to work on loader.

Here such it, this amicable family - a family of the present workers.

P. Kulagin