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Igonins` dynasty

When the family is strong, the work is pleasure

From the large family of Igonins only head of the family Yury Nikolaevichdoesn`t work at Open Society industrial complex "Orenburg minerals" , he is a driver in troop unit. So the ancestor of a dynasty is Lyudmila Emmanuilovna.

Igonina Lyudmila Emmanuilovna is the the old resident of our places as she was born in the item of Kumak in a miner`s family. And she haven`t left this place. The industrial complex was created on her eyes and she always dreamt to work at it. But the destiny has disposed so that she had married and went to near settlement Karabutak that is near to a monument to cosmonaut V.M.Komarov. And then the family moved to state farm "Elenovsky". She worked as storekeeper, and the husband as driver. The life was normal, they brought up their three children , but Union disintegration, the agriculture disorder has forced many peasants to go to new places.

The dream of Lyudmila Emmanuilovna became the reality in itself.

Since 1999 the family has been living in Yasny. The skilled warehouse worker Lyudmila Emmanuilovna works at the industrial complex, in shop of economic cars. From 2000 she is a worker of a warehouse economy - the senior storekeeper.

In shop of economic cars there are more than hundred units of the various technics of different design, and thousand of different details and spare parts. And the storekeeper should know, for what technics this or that detail. Not every driver or the mechanic may tell at once, for what car, what detail. But she knows, what and where there is.

According to Alexey Mihajlovich Kotin, the assistant of the technical director on preparation of manufacture of the industrial complex, supervising the service of supply of industrial complex, Lyudmila Emmanuilovna makes her work successfully, well mastered a manufacture computerisation, has got correct information on all spare parts and other material assets. It is a merit reward!

She is a hardworking woman and mother of three children, and she brings them up in aura of diligence, honesty and decency. At industrial complex a labor family of Igonins always on good to the bill.

And who doesn`t know the worker of manufacturing-service administration Igonina Irina Yuryevna! Daughter Irina work at the in the same division, as her mother as an engineer on the organisation and work rationing works. The accuracy of wages charge depends from her work. She combine work with the studying in Orenburg state university, soon she will get the diploma. Her mother is support and hope everywhere.

Son Sergey went on footsteps of his father and works as a driver, dreams about studying, but while it goes wrong. His whole life is before him!

After graduating from the college the daughter Svetlana works as a regulator at the factory. She successfully does her difficult and responsible work.

And the dynasty of Igonins - four persons works at industrial complex, but soon the grandson will grow up and become a member of the big labour family.

And the 50-year-old anniversary Lyudmila Emmanuilovna met in the bosom of the family as all the family live in one apartment. It is close-bodied, but friendly. And when I visited them they were going to go to the kitchen garden.

It would be desirable to wish this hardworking and amicable family of good luck, health and successes in all undertakings

P. Kulagin