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Dushkins` dynasty

Dushkins` dynasty

On the road checked up by a life…

Photos of the most honourable and dear people decorate a Board of honor of the town and district. Among them there is a photo of the machinist of the traction unit of railway shop of Vladimir Nikolaevich Dushkin.

The settlement Magnitogorsk of the Chelyabinsk region is well-known for that here the qualitative iron ore for Magnitogorsk metallurgical industrial complex is extracted. So it is got that in mine settlement-companion miners and railwaymen live and work. To whom that to liking. The Dushkins was the very popular family both at mine and at factory, the children went on the footsteps of fathers. Volodya Dushkin liked steam locomotives and diesel locomotives more than dredges. And with a choice he had defined once and for all - locomotives!

Professional technical school gave him this speciality. He began to work on powerful steam locomotives SO-17 and L. Especially he liked more modern and automated locomotive, working on liquid fuel, top internal black oil "L" - "Lebedjansky". Now the locomotive occupation are rare - at industrial complex "Orenburg minerals" there areonly three machinists though and now preserved steam locomotives are stored as a stock of Ministry of Railways and the country. Here such it is the necessary car. And Vladimir Nikolayevich Dushkin served in railway forces too.

He knew about Yasny in 1983 and, without thinking twice, together with his wife Vera Pavlovna and sons Alexey and Evgenie changed the wood of Ural Mountains for prairies of Orenburg region.. He began to work on a diesel locomotive - the document of the machinist of a diesel locomotive he had received earlier, in Magnitogorsk, and on mine of industrial complex of Open Society "Orenburg minerals" in career there were entered diesel locomotives and only then electric locomotives and traction units.

Then there were courses of machinists of the traction unit at the educational centre of industrial complex, and Vladimir Nikolaevich began to operate the traction unit. Now V.N. Dushkin is the chief of the brigade on traction unit PE-2M №296. He is one of the best foremen and machinists. And, certainly, children are nearby him - Evgenie works as the machinist on PE-2М №359, Alexander - the assistant to the machinist on PE-2М №101, and the elder son, Alexey, works in mountain shop on a dredge EKG №18. All sons combine work with study. Alexey has already ended technical school, at others still all ahead.

Vladimir Nikolaevich has got very good family - hardworking and very amicable! Probably, it is the merit of Vera Pavlovna. She chose difficult, but honourable labour road - education of the future generation. In Magnitogorsk she served in a children`s room of militia in a rank of the lieutenant, and in Yasny worked as the tutor in a kindergarten of "Topolek". All kindness of the soul she gives to children - as to own children, so to pupils.

And there are on a life hand in hand spouses Dushkins - Vladimir Nikolaevich and Vera Pavlovna, and children are conducted behind them on the right road checked up by a life. And on a kitchen garden all the family is together, and on fishing, and also all of them are keen on sports: sons - weightlifting, the grandfather with the grandson - run and volleyball. And there, where sports and work, there the peace and a harmony, and all hardship will pass.

Pavel Kulagin