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Chekulaevs` dynasty

Thirty years at the native combine

The building of control room of mining shop of the mine is situated at the highest place of eastern pit wall: all the mine, station "Karyernaya" and the factory spread before the eyes. Movement of railway flappers, work of excavators, drilling rigs and other mining technique are the area of responsibility and control of the shift engineer of mining section and dispatcher. More than 27 years it was the work of one of the veterans of production, Nikolay Afanasyevich Chekulaev.

When miners of the mine "Vostochnaya" in Yemanzhelinsk went into working face, under the ground, they traditionally were seen by their mothers and wives. Work under the ground is very dangerous. Experienced miner, veteran of two wars Afanasy Grigoryevich Chekulaev went into the working face too. Nikolay always saw and met his father and dreamed to go to the mine with him, so, growing up he decided do dedicate himself to mining business, work for strong people, bold and courageous.

To study in Sverdlovsk mining institute wasn`t hard for Nikolay Chekulaev - curious and obstinate boy caught everything flying: he aspired to know well the business which he chose. Later, having the Diploma in Engineering-technologist on comprehensive mechanization of mining, Nicholy Afanasyavich was drawn to the color, served in CzechoslovakiaMore than two years lieutenant Chekulaev commanded a troop of artillery intelligence. And already at the position of senior lieutenant he went away in reserve and came back to native Yemanzhelinsk, where he was waited by native mine "Vostochnaya". At first he worked as shift foreman, then as branchwork manager, but he worked at the mine only the year. In 1977 with his wife Nadezhda Konstantinovna they knew about new mining combine in Yasny and moved there.

In December N.A. Chekulaev began to work at the section of equipment in the Administration of the combine and in February they got new apartment. Soon in Yasny two girls twins were born - Ekaterina and Elena Chekulaevs.

After starting of the factory Nikolay Chekulaev asked for more serious and necessary work - at the mine, in career. He was extended a warm welcome from the chief of mining store E.E. Papenfot because he knew Chekulaev by his work in the equipment section, Nikolay became a master of excavator section. From that time Nikolay doesn`t leave the career and now works as a mining dispatcher.

Working as a shift engineer and looking at disordered motion of transport un career, he brought in an innovatory proposal and new scheme of transporting, so he got the certificate of innovator, which he keeps in special home folder with many other patents, Certificates of Merits and Diplomas.

Mining tradition in Chekulaevs` family is alive. it continues in daughters of Nikolay Afanasyevich. Ekaterina Nikolayevna, after finishing the institute, works as in construction section of the combine, and Elena Nikolaevna is the real miner, works after the institute in surveying department of the mine.

Pupils of N.A. Chekulaev continue his mining business. he graduated three groups of mining technologists and students of Nikolay Afanasyevich Ermakov, Klyuev, Sviridov, Bychko, Halturin and others work as masters and shift engineers. It is the cause for pride of his and their labour!

As Nikolay Afanasyevich said, he was a workaholic and couldn`t see himself without active life.

- I have been already about 3 years in retirement, but while I am popular at the combine and vocational school I will work! And also I like working at the garden. We have got the place for active rest - our garden. Many different vegetables and fruits grow there. I have got a few winter sorts of apples. We eat it up to spring. We have preparations from culinary plants. Of course it is a pity to leave our garden, but we have to. Our people had got about 4,5 thousands of gardens and now - only the half of them. It will be wonderful to save this wealth!

The birthday of Nikolay Afanasyevich is on January, 2 and On December 1, 2007 it became 30 years of his work at the combine. We would like with all our hearts to congratulate him and wish him a strong constitution and welfare!

Pavel Kulagin