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Batanins` dynasty

...And future will become a present!

НWe as habitants of small, but modern and comfortable town with align infrastructure, can`t imagine that 50 years ago here was empty heath. There were not street-lamp, in early spring it were not tender green poplar and elm. There, where now we can see now blocks of flats, asphalt and concrete, were grass in spring, hot son in summer and snowstorm swap hilly scope by flaky snow in winter. And under the magnificence, in earth`s womb, it was a hiding treasure - chrysotile asbestos! In due course Young Communist from all regions of Soviet Union came here for building of mining-and-processing integrated works. And in the middle of endless hilly plain the town Yasny appeared. It was not built itself, it was build by people loving this life and this place, their work.

At the beginning of 70s Nikolay and Valentina met in Orsk. He was a student of constructing school, worked at "Orskpromstroy", she trained as cake baker. In 1972 she saw him to army and then, after he came back they celebrated their marriage. After this Nikolay Nikolayevich came to native company and was directed with the wife to building place of Yasny.

In 1975, at high construction, Nikolay Nikolayevich and Valentina Ivanovna came to build and raise the town. As others, they lived in a hostel, but soon, when their elder son Andrei was born, they got a comfortable accommodation. In 1982 Denis was born, ant it was not only a joy but an additional care.

Valentina Ivanovna couldn`t find a work as a cake-baker and before 1987 worked in different companies, in "Orskpromstroy", in "GKK". In 1987 she began to work as a mine worker in a mine group< and after the year Alexander Georgardovich Dick transfer her as a drawer, and already for 20 years she has been working ad this occupation.

But Nikola Nikolaevich always went off like hot cakes. He is a carpenter-concretor, and such specialists always were called for, because it was the period of building boom. Besides, N.N. Batanin is the jack-of-all-trades. Every work is succeeded in his hands, he built houses in the streets Parkovaya and Zapadnaya. For the work in 1979 Nikolay Nikolayevich got the order "For labor achievement", was honored to be presented at the board of honor, was noted the order of "Shock-worker of XII five years period".

When the Building administration No. 2 where Nikolay Nikolayevich worked as foreman, was closed, he came to work at the repairing - building administration (now repairing building center - RBC). Now he works here, in chop of cabinet maker, carryes out small piece orders. And if you`ll see beautiful things, made with accuracy, not from rule and fiber building board, but from tree, this is a work of chop, where Nikolay Nikolayevich Batanin is the chief.

Much water has flowed under the bridges since the young family arrived here, much has changed, the management of drawing department where Valentina Ivanovna works, was some times replaced, but to change the chosen speciality she does not wish. She likes this scrupulous, exact, insistent and exactitude work. And on pension, on the deserved rest that comes nearer every year, she doesn`t want, she got used to work, both the enterprise, and collective became native for her. And the fact that work in their department is more and more mechanised, does not frighten he, becauese all the new electronic equipment not only helps to work, it considerably facilitates work of mineral surveyors, and draftsmen who generalise the obtained data on development and sample and deduce them on a tracing-paper and summary drawings

Sons have grown and were learnt, have served army: Andrei - at the border with China, Denis - in Orenburg. Andrei already before the army had mastered in Professional College No. 43 a speciality of the welder-mason, Denis chose a speciality of the mountain technician-technologist, and after demobilisation ended the Moscow state open university. Denis works as the assistant of machinist of a dredge in mine, and Andrei - as a mechanic-repairman at the factory.

Inevitably time runs, counting the family holidays which Batanins always celebrate all together, all the family. Work on a personal plot, in a garden rallies them not only work at one enterprise, but also. And the truth, their garden amazes with violence of flowering and well-managing. All their life is that also - all is ordered, all in time and by own hands.

But parents learned their son not only to be handwork, but also to be independent, and responsible in acceptance of the vital decisions. Even a question where to go to study, sons decided themselves. Their parents think: before asking anything from a worker, the chief has not only to know this work, but also to be able to execute her, and it is impossible without practice. And practice is not study under books, it is the experience got on manufacture.

Yes, this responsibility in acceptance of the vital decisions should affect characters of members of a family of Batanins. They confidently stand on the feet and easy look in future. Simple working people in which hands this future becomes the present.

Janna Vinogradova